Orange is The New Black (Season 5)

This season of OITNB has been A-MA-ZING, surprisingly amazing. And after that cliffhanger at the end of Season 4, shit just got real.

At first, i thought the riot at Litchfield was only going to last a few episodes but it really took the whole season and there aren't any complains about that. Because after watching season after season where the main plot of the show was basically they talking to each other or hooking up, the show really needed something drastic and they totally pulled it off this time. Sure there was that season where they were all transfered somewhere else or the first season where everything really was on point but with Season 5 they totally nailed it. So, let's dig into what happened on this glorious season:

First things first, Taystee owned this season. The death of Poussey has obviously been  very present and she really made things to honor her friend. She nearly succeced and she didn't blend when all her demands to enhance their life in prison were accepted because what was most important to her was to find justice for her best friend. She certainly made a wrong decision towards the end but she's not to blame.

Flaritza were as usual the best and funniest ones with their very own youtube channel where they obviously had million of views because, who wouldn't want to watch a reality show with them? They totally are the funniest thing on the show and the end for them was really emotional. From the exciting moment when they are taken outside and some fans are waiting for them to the heartbreaking part where they're separated and taken to different places, that was really tear jerking. Because Flaca and Maritza live in their own world and that makes them deal with prison a lot better, because they're true best friends, and now it's really going to be tough for them.

Piper and Alex did not completely suck this time, they were even tolerable and their ending, with Piper proposing to her, was even cute. But they work like this, in minimum doses. More than that is lethal for them.

Boo got to have a little romance in the middle of the riot, even though it was to Linda aka Amelia Von Barlow, Caputo's ex. She lost her friend Pennsatucky in the process which is sad, as she's completely in a wrong situation with her romance with the guard who used to be her rapist. That's totally fucked up and i don't care if they're playing house and he's trying to make things right now, he took advantage of her and she doesn't know better. Seriously, that storyline gives me the creeps.

Gloria's story this season has been pretty heartbreaking as well, as she really does everything in her hand to go and visit her son who's in a serious condition in the hospital, even if that means fucking up everyone's plans during the riot. Her ending scene, with her wanting to escape prison to go to the hospital and being unable to do so as the angry latinas blocked her exit, was devastating. On the contrary, Maria got the most beautiful moment with her being able to hug her daughter Pepa and see her man outside in the crowd.

Lorna and Nicky got their thing going on, as usual, hooking up and then Lorna blowing off her friend, but this time Lorna la Loca turns out to be pregnant and not only in her head, so good things are coming from her after Vinny finally steps up thanks to Nicky.

Red and Flores were all high and funny trying to take down Piscatella, which was great as we finally got to see more of Flores and she even got a makeover from Flaritza!

Leanne and Angie were also the absolute best, though they were really mean to Pennsatucky, though only for the Lichfield's Got Talent they make up for that. That was the funniest part ever, and the most tender moment was when Leanne saw her mom outside and she found out that she was still caring about her daughter.

Aside from the rest, it was also nice to see Frieda's past story and the bunker she got for her friends, Suzzane's story though was a bit boring, just like Dayanara's, Cindy and Janae were ok, Aleida was Aleaida, Brook was sad but it was expected, Sophia had nearly no plot, and it was nice to see Alison Abdullah's past story.

The guards were also a very funny part, from the one who stripped his clothes down while TLC's 'Red Light Special' was sounding -and he also fingered Leanne, to Luschek who's always funny and cool, to the rest. Even Caputo and Figerola were tolerable and very on point.

Absolutely everything was on point, and i think we can say that Season 5 has been the best season after S1. I can't wait to see what happens to our inmates after the riot but we'll have to wait for next year. In the meantime, let's remember some of the best scenes and moments this perfect season had. After the cut!



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