10 Favorite Nicole Kidman Performances

We're only a few months into 2017 we already can say that 'Big Little Lies' is the show of the year, or at least, it's going to be among the best ones by the end of the year. That's not going to be surprising but what it actually is, is that many people are like in shock that Nicole Kidman gave such an amazing performance. Like they didn't know she was an excellent actress before.

For those living under a rock, or that haven't had the time to give Mrs. Kidman the credit she deserves, i've decided to make a list of my fave Nicole Kidman performances. The woman has an Academy Award for 'The Hours', three Golden Globes and even a BAFTA, so why her giving a great performance is news at this point? Anyway, check the full list after the cut, i've decided not to rank her performances but these are my absolute faves.

Birth (2014) - This is probably my fave performance from her. The dark psychological thriller directed by the brilliant Jonathan Glazer directs Kidman in this film with such a weird plot that it's amazing how believable he makes the story. The movie tells how a boy attempts to convince Kidman's character that he's her dead husband reborn and as silly as it might sound, you believe it. Apart from the turmoil of emotions that Anna (Kidman) goes through the movie, there's a particular shot from her that anyone who has watched the movie remembers. It's the close up shot of her face in the theatre as she realizes that indeed what the boy is telling her about being her dead husband might be true and her reaction during that one shot is priceless. She simply does amazing and the movie is really something else, as all Jonathan Glazer's movies are, so it's really worth watching.

To Die For (1995) - This was the first movie where Nicole Kidman really received some credit for her performance. She actually won the Golden Globe for her performance and she really owned it. The Gus Van Sant movie really brought one of the best features that Kidman has, her apparent iciness into the character of Suzanne Stone Maretto that was equally ambitious, manipulative and cold. It felt like it was a role made for Kidman and she really embodied the character. And the movie is also fantastic.

The Others (2001) - Another stand out performance from the Aussie actress that made her earn praise by absolutely everyone, and she was many times nominated for this role but she barely won anything, which was unfair. Anyway, in the Alejandro Amenábar film, Kidman gave one of her most heartfelt performances during a very personal difficult time in her personal life, as she was divorcing Tom Cruise and the insane media attention that it brought into her life. But she got the best revenge on her ex by giving out two extraordinary performances that year and earning recognition for them all around the world. And there's no need to say that the movie is already a modern terror classic today and she was excellent on it.

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Moulin Rouge (2001) - And this is the other movie where she excelled that same year. In the Baz Luhrmann movie, not only she did dance but also proved she could sing in the role of Satine that was both comical and dramatic, and she could do both at the same time and look divine while doing so. She won the Golden Globe for her performance and was nominated for the Academy Award but she will be remembered for this role for life.

Portrait of a Lady (1996) - Another personal favorite of mine, Kidman proves she can also do period dramas in this exquisite Jane Campion movie. The film is a beautiful thing as anything that Campion does and Nicole plays the delicate and fragile character of Isabel Archer that makes you suffer with her through the whole movie and through her relationship with John Malkovich's character that gives him his 'Dangerous Liaisons' a run for his money. It's an excellent underrated movie that you need to give a look if you haven't yet.

Dogville (2003) - Lars Von Trier really put Kidman to the edge of things in this movie, so much that even though she had agreed to appear in the sequel, 'Manderlay', she finally pulled out of the project. But she really did amazing in here, she was abused, degraded and undermined, and she really gives one of her best acting performances ever. This movie is also important because it's the last one where we see Kidman's natural face as she started doing botox after this film, but as we see it didn't affect her acting.

Eyes Wide Shut (1999) - The last Kubrick film is a modern masterpiece, so Kidman's performance is no less than brilliant. This might be her most mature role at that time in her career, and she totally delivered what she was asked for. The movie itself asked for that and the then marriage Cruise-Kidman really worked out in the screen. Luckily soon after that, she got rid of the Mrs. Cruise tag and she could blossom by herself.

Cold Mountain (2003) - This is a personal fave of mine and while not many might think about the film when talking about her best performances, i actually do. Because, even though her role is not the strongest character of the film, she gives such a sweet and heartfelt acting that you just can't help but love her. And the movie is also pretty awesome.

Stoker (2013) - As it happened with 'Cold Mountain', we're used to see Nicole Kidman playing a sweet character but Park Chan Wook had other plans for her. In the movie, she plays the heartless, meaningful mother of Mia Wasikowska's character, and she's even totally scary, showing the range of acting abilities that she's got. And despite not appearing much in the movie, she eats the whole screen up and stands out among the rest.

Big Little Lies (2017) - Obviously, our Celeste Wright had to be here as well. I've been a fan of her work for a long time before but truth is that i kinda lost track of her the past few years until now and she's back into my radar. I've already praised her performance here but she simply gave the most heartfelt, true and touching performance out of the many grand actresses that appear on the show. And she totally deserves all the awards for this role. Keep them coming by the end of the year.

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