'Skam' (Season 2)

(No Spoilers)
I watched the first season of 'Skam' in less than two weeks but Season 2 only took me a Sunday. A very long, rainy and boring Sunday, that is. And ironically, even though i binge-watched the hell out of S2, i liked the first season much better.

Season 2 focuses mainly on Noora and William, and i think, while their story is super sweet and exciting, it was a big mistake. Not because their story was not interesting and thrilling but it focused way too much on them and it forgot about Sana, Jonas, Chris and Issak who were a lot more present of the first season, even though Eva and Vilde get to appear more but not enough. But on the other hand we got to see more of Eskild and even Linn so not everything was bad.

Anyway, the second season was fine but that overexposure made me not like Noora as much as i did, and i felt that it lost some good plots with everything that happened with Eva and Jonas after the break up, anything about Sana and her sister in law or even give Chris some kind of plot, so that's a shame. But, i still got Season 3 left and many seem to have adored it so i expect much better. I guess i'll tell you about it soon!

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