'Divorce' Season 1

(Spoilers, obvs)
Yep, it has taken me a bit to watch 'Divorce HBO' but i finally did last night. It's not that i was not liking the show but it's true that i lost a bit of interest. But only a bit.

The Sarah Jessica Parker show started reaaally good with the first few eps, especially depicting the tough process of a break up from both sides and that's what i liked best about the series, that you could relate even with the smallest detail. Like when Robert (Thomas Haden Church) googled his wife's lover or tiny heartbreaking details like that. But after a few eps, the plot moved onto the legal thing and lawyers got involved and it got a little less attracting to me. Not that it was bad or anything but i preferred the sentimental part of it a bit more. Still there had been a lot of that in the show but not in the same way. But either way, is still a show that i will keep watching, especially now that in the finale we've seen that things are about to get really messy in the second season.

Apart from the plot, it has really great actors involved. From, obviously Sarah Jessica Parker as Frances (i would watch this woman in practically anything), Frances' friends with Molly Shannon and Talia Balsam are simply fantastic, and on the husband's part, Tracy Letts as Nick is also great. There's also the very fantastic Jeffrey DeMunn as Frances' lawyer who is always a joy to see (even though i'm afraid we sadly won't be getting more of him in S2) and even Frances' dad played by Robert Forster is an amazing addition.

I will be watching season 2 no matter what and while it's not a show that i watch right away when it's on, i always enjoy watching it. In the meantime, i'm posting a few great photographs of Sarah Jessica below that i really liked, because this woman is simply the most stylish person alive.

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