The Neon Demon (2016)

I watched 'The Neon Demon' and for those who have already seen it, it's an hypnotical, macabre ride. It's like 'Suspiria' meets 'Black Swan' and there's nothing bad about it. But goes a little more the edge than those.

In 'The Neon Demon' we have Elle Fanning living her own Aronofsky's ballerina tale in the modelling world, and pretty soon, as she rises, things will turn dark fast. Jesse (Fanning) experiences the frivolous world that it's fashion but only on the surface, on what we can guess it's like. Inside it, it gets way more deep and swallowing, literally. She gets drunk on the beauty that she professes and soon that feeling eats her insides and hungers those around her. Everyone wants a taste of the fresh and young meat and everyone wants a piece of her. And she's aware, so she keeps it guarded, like her biggest treasure. But unluckily for her, hunger arises and the smell of her blood is intoxicating. So much that the thrive of inheriting her beauty becomes too real.

'The Neon Demon' not only makes Elle Fanning shine like the sun in a room full of winter, but also, the second rate models starring (Abbey Lee and Bella Heathcote) and a friendly make up artist (Jena Malone) stand up as well. They're all immersed in Nicholas Winding Refn's hypnotic vision of the fashion industry in a sequence of shots where images become electric and music is part of the non speaking dialogue. It's like Refn has made his own remake of 'Showgirls' but with references from Kubrick, Cronenberg and Lynch all mixed up. And while the result of all that is difficult to digest (there are like two scenes that are really uncomfortable to watch and you can't even deal), the result keeps playing in your head for days. Is one of those movies that you don't know what to think of it after watching it, or whether you liked it or not, but as days follow by, you know you've seen something great and definitely not for everyone. This kinda reminds me to the love or hate that 'Only God Forgives' provoked and i think it's gonna have the same outcome even though i feel more people will hate it even though those who liked it will adore it. I'm on that last team.

After the cut there are some stills that i loved from the movie, so check them out. Go watch 'The Neon Demon' now, it's everything.

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