'The Neon Demon' trailer

Nicholas Winding Refn's trailer for his latest movie has not only been included at the Cannes Film Festival line-up but also has a first trailer out to have a taste of what's coming, and it looks amazing.

Elle Fanning stars in this terror thriller located in the most frivolous LA and centered in the modelling world, and everything looks mysterious and intriguing, showing its cruelest and most superficial side. In fact, it looks loosely like Elle Fanning's 'Black Swan' version but instead of a ballerina we have a rising star in the catwalk business. I literally can't wait to watch this film and while Refn's most known work is 'Drive', which is amazing, i really hope this movie moves more in the direction of the very underrated and misunderstood 'Only God Forgives' and it looks a bit like so.

Watch the trailer and get anxious with the waiting.

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