'GIRLS' season 5 best moments and scenes

This season of 'Girls' has been so spectacular and so, so good that i don't even know where to start. There's been character growth for many of the girls, mature responses and crazy actions, but all making so much sense and feeling so real that you couldn't help but to relate to most of them. This isn't a show where you can pick your favorite character when it comes to the girls, it's not like in 'Sex and the City', because you see things you like and you hate from one character at the same time, and that feels pretty real. Anyway, hands down to probably the best season yet from this amazing show that only has one season left. And i'm gonna hate to see it end. So, as i've done with s2, s3 and s4 (i have to do one day season 1's best moments before s6 premieres), let's check out my very fave moments and scenes this glorious 5th season had. Spoilers after the cut!

First things first, because one of the main plots from this season started on the very first episode 'Wedding Day' (5x01) during Marnie's and Desi's wedding, that is, when Adam kisses Jessa. Like we all knew that was gonna happen but i didn't expect it that soon and that he was the one to make the move. I liked how rushed and awkward that was and Jessa's reaction, because it was really believable, and secretly we were all excited about it.

Another exciting thing that we were all waiting to see was Soshanna in 'Japan' (5x03), like it was meant for her, "I feel like I'm inside, like, Katy Perry's vagina" and she was right. And while at first we saw her being happy and belonging there, when she loses her job and phones her boyfriend crying, she assures him she's coming home, but she takes a look at her life and decides to stay and that's a win, because she doesn't want to return to her real life in New York. That realization made us all proud, though later on she finally gets back.

In 'Old Loves' (5x04) we all felt soooo happy for Elijah when he had a date with Dill and even though he's famous, how he kissed himin the middle of Times' Square despite being surrounded by people and fans was beautiful. Finally a love story for Elijah, even though it did not turn as he wished in later episodes.

When it comes to Hannah's and Marnie's forever complicated friendship, it seems that in this season things have calmed down, starting from the first ep 'Wedding Day' (5x01). While Marnie is nervous about her wedding they have a chat in the bathroom (like the ones they used to have in the old times, always inside bathrooms) and she expressed to Hannah that they haven't talked like that in years and tells her that she has supported her during the years in anything despite making mistakes, and she asks that from Hannah now, implying that marrying Desi might be a mistake but she wants to do it anyway. Hannah allows Marnie to make her own mistakes despite knowing that Desi is having cold feet and that he was engaged seven other times, and that's being a friend by letting her be happy no matter what.

And speaking of Marnie, i can't hold back anymore to talk about the stellar episode of this season, and that's obviously 'The Panic at Central Park' (5x06). This was Marnie's centered ep and it was more than good, it was fucking perfection. I cannot just pick one scene from the ep and i think you all will understand that the whole episode was really something else. Despite not liking Marnie that much, though not hating on her, this was her dream fairy tale after bumping into Charlie and finding out he didn't dump her because he didn't love her, but because his dad died and that's everything that she needed to know to go back in time and make everything perfect (despite being a married woman now). We see Marnie allowing herself to have fun, not to take herself that seriously and even loose herself and pretend she's a prostitute when she's mistaken for one, old Marnie would have had a heated argument if someone had called her a hooker before. She had in one night everything she dreamed of with Charlie but as Cinderella, the dream fades and the following morning the spell is broken and sees reality as it is, and it's not so pretty. Her, realizing that and that she doesn't want to be married anymore, rushing to Hannah's bed just like in the beginning sequence of the first ep of the first season of 'Girls', makes it for a really great episode that grew on me during the weeks.

In 'Good Man' (5x02) we witness Jessa's and Adam's first date at Coney Island and they looked soooooo cute. I think they won everyone over being so cute and flirty, despite Jessa not wanting to kiss or have sex with him because she knew they would be toxic together. But they kinda made sense at the beginning so when in 'Queen for Two Days' (5x05) Adam meets Jessa's sister and he defends her from her sister's preestablished thoughts of Jessa with Adam describing her as a beautiful rainbow, we all drooled hard because it seemed that these two messy people were trying to make it right by being together. Though that didn't last.

And what about Hannah? In all this season we saw her being more reckless than ever, from showing her pussy to her boss in 'Hello Kitty' (5x07) to nearly having sex with a woman in 'Queen for Two Days' (5x05), or trying to give Ray a blowjob, she's been in one hell of a season, especially when she fights with Jessa. In 'Old Loves' (5x04) she's hanging with her and Jessa, who can't barely look at her in the eyes, while Jessa practically causes a fight in order to feel good about her feelings towards Adam, because she "wanted this for a very long time," we see Hannah hurt and not understanding her friend. And Jessa going straight to Adam after that with the fight being an excuse to do so, wasn't right and that's probably why them not working out in bed probably happened.

In 'Good Man' (5x02) we also see Hannah taking care of her dad's situation when he lost his wallet after his sexual encounter with a man and how she has to be there for him in quite a reversal of their established roles as father and daughter. "I'll always be here for you" Hannah reluctantly tells her dad, realizing that now it's her who has to take care of her parents now, and that's life itself as parents grow older and we have to take that role eventually.

As for Ray, he had a tough start as he had to witness the love of his life getting married in 'Wedding Day' (5x01) and he even had to convince Desi while he was getting cold feet to marry Marnie in a heartbreaking but beautiful scene with them two all dressed up after dramatically falling in a lake while it's raining. He's probably my fave character from the show and luckily this time, he had is happy ending.

Because Marnie couldn't fight it anymore and at the end of 'Love Stories' (5x09) and after having a dream where she was brushing Ray's hair, she finally came over herself and realized that she loved Ray and couldn't help it anymore. "It can't be you," she said, but he surely was.

A key scene of this season happened in 'Hello Kitty' (5x07) when during Adam's play, and while Jessa lovingly stares at him, Hannah finds out that they're together in what looked like a scene of Hitchcock's 'Rear Window'. The play, the music and Hannah finding out at that very exact moment made you even hear how her heart was breaking as she was suddenly losing a best friend and an ex-lover all at once. Her reaction at the end when she sees them depart together and briefly says hi to them without causing a scene it's where we first see signs of Hannah changing, because she was deeply hurting and her natural response would had been to confront them. But she didn't.

Another very great scene and ending for a very brilliant episode was when in 'Queen for two days' (5x05) Sosh verbally expresses that she actually feels lonely in Japan and that she doesn't belong there as she made everyone believe. Soshanna's walk home with 'Life on Mars' playing admitting that she actually couldn't run away from her problems by moving somewhere else was hopeless but beautiful in all the light and glory of Tokyo at night.

In 'Love Stories' (5x09) we see Hannah overcoming one of her ghosts after meeting Tally, that old friend of hers who was everything she wished to be as she's a successful and a published writer. After bonding when they both criticized Mimi Rose, Hannah allows herself to have fun with her (who didn't thought of 'Broad City' when these two were hanging out and iding on bikes) and she finally realizes that Tally isn't at all happy and that she has probably more to write than her talented friend. Also, the end of the episode with them two laughing hysterically after running into Jessa and Adam downstairs was fucking fantastic.

Another scene that was so good from 'Love Stories' (5x09) was Elijah declaring his love to Dill, and how he was really in love with him despite his celebrity status. His speech was one of the most heartfelt declarations ever on the show and it was so beautiful and so heartbreaking to see him getting turned down, in that way, that it made you feel really bad for Elijah but what a moment, so many feelings.

And we get to the 'I Love You Baby' (5x10), what a finale this was. First things first, the fight between Adam and Jessa. Wow, it really turned into 'The Shining' for a second and still it was fucking believable. They were super cute at first and we were all rooting for them but it was a matter of time before they blowed things up. They were just too toxic. "I would destroy you. And you would destroy me," and Jessa was absolutely right. On top of that, and in that final story telling speech, Hannah starts talking about jealousy and how she's loosing a friend over an ex, and when she reveals that in fact she heard all the fight between Adam and Jessa and how she  felt free from it all, it was a great act of maturity. And while maybe she started this season acting pretty crazy, it seems that for once Hannah is learning from all of this and didn't give anyone the pleasure to see her crashing down and throwing a major fit. That and the ending scenes, with Frankie Valli's classic 'Can't Take My Eyes Off You' sounding was a perfect brooch for such a perfect season. "Hannah forever."

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