Music Monday (Kanye, Rihanna, Pet Shop Boys, Starwalker, Massive Attack, Florrie & Eels)

As i always like to share the music i'm currently listening to, even though it might not be new, i'm gonna do this type of post any other given Monday because i think it's a great way to discover music. My pal Un marillo en la orilla also does it so don't forget to check it out and enjoy the tracks i'm adding below. It's new music, old songs that i recently discovered or some that i forgot that i loved them, hope i discover something new to you. Feel free to make suggestions!

Starwalker - Holidays
First things first, i've been playing this song nonstop ever since i first listened to it, because it's so catchy and gives you such a happy mood that it's great. Starwalker is formed by a member of Air and a member of Bang Gang and it sounds very much like Air which is a good thing. Enjoy this little gem:

Pet Shop Boys - The Pop Kids
Pet Shop Boys are back in full force with this pop anthem that glorifies one of the best decades in music, the 80s. And they were the best during the 80s-90s so this song couldn't be nothing than an instant hit. They called us the pop kids cause we loved the pop hits, and who didn't?

Kanye West - 30 hours
Kanye's new album is something i'm still digesting but so far i think it's really good. The songs that stand out for me for now are 'Real Friends' and '30 Hours' so here's one that mortals who doesn't have Tidal are allowed to listen online for free.

Rihanna - Kiss It Better
Despite poor sales and everything else involved in Rihanna taking forever to release this album, ANTI is not bad at all. Maybe it's not what you expected from her because she used to deliver mega hits like 'We Found Love' or 'Diamonds' but that doesn't mean that her new album is not good. Even though it lacks 'Bitch Better Have My Money' it's full of many other tracks that grow on you without even noticing. Enjoy the song that really stands out from the album, it has to be a single for sure.

Florrie - Real Love
Florrie always delivers solid pop hits so this new song couldn't be a miss. It sounds fresh and catchy but as with all things Florrie, it might fade soon, or at least that's what happens to me, i often forget about her even though i like most of her songs, so enjoy it now.

Massive Attack ft. Tricky & 3D - Take It There
The Bristol band are back with this 'Ritual Spirit' EP that it's good old Massive Attack, and that ain't a bad thing at all. 'Take It There' featuring Tricky and 3D is haunting and everything we fell in love with Massive Attack, it reminds me to 'Mezzanine' and '100th Window' a lot so that's a huge compliment. Get lost with this track now.

Eels - Fresh Blood
Having recently watched the mind-blowing documentary 'The Jinx' you cannot but have the theme song stuck in your head. So powerful and unforgettable, it's going to give you nightmares listening to it if you watched the doc. Superb song, an instant favorite of mine.

sources: ifc, soundcloud & youtube

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