'Captain America: Civil War' trailer

Unless you're living under rock, you've seen the SuperBowl trailer of 'Civil War' the latest Marvel movie about the Avengers. Only this time it's not the Avengers against the world, it's them against each other.

We saw some tensions building in 'Avengers: Age of Utron', mostly between Iron Man and Cap, and 'Civil War' it's the result of that and the opposite teams couldn't be any more, so to say, interesting. In one side we have Tony Stark teaming with Black Widow, The Vision, Black Panther and War Machine while on team Cap (my team) there's Hawkeye, Scarlet Witch, Ant-Man, The Falcon and of course Bucky, the Winter Soldier. Thor and Hulk didn't want to choose sides so they won't be in the middle of it and presumably won't appear in the movie.

The movie premieres on April this year and i can't wait for it, Captain America has never been my fave but i like his values and he wasn't a spoiled brat in 'Age of Ultron' as Iron Man was, so i'm choosing his side, so did you choose the wrong side? I guess we'l find out soon!

sources: fuertecito & youtube

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