A very Murray Christmas directed by Sofia Coppola

Last year it was announced that Sofia Coppola was going to direct a Christmas special for Netflix with Bill Murray and Miley Cyrus. While the Miley thing is random coming from Sofia, the Murray casting is perfect as they reunite working together after the much acclaimed (and my personal favourite) 'Lost in Translation'. So, now that Christmas is coming (earlier every year), we've got a teaser of the upcoming special and it looks like the perfect and classic Xmas show. Sofia keeps in it the family with Jason Schwartzman and Phoenix making an appearance, but also we will see the very funny Amy Poehler, Maya Rudolf, George Clooney and Michael Cera among others.

And while we're waiting for a new project coming from Sofia Coppola that will surely reunite her with Kirsten Dunst, let's watch the Very Murray Christmas teaser from netflix and chill:

sources: variety & youtube

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