Petra Collins photographs Selena Gomez for Wonderland Magazine

I don't think i need to explain again my love for Petra Collins' photography, i've already posted a few of her projects here and expressed how much i admire her work. So it's no surprise that i'm loving her photoshoot with Selena Gomez for Wonderland Magazine.

It's the usual Petra photography: girls laying on her bedroom, lazing around the house, texting on their phones, putting some make up on, taking some selfies, it's her signature style but the result is always good. I'm not sure if she's photographing Selenita in her own house as she did with Maddie Ziegler but it looks like an intimate and comfortable environment for the model. As for Selena Gomez, i liked her on 'Spring Breakers' and that's pretty much it.

 I've posted practically all the photos of the shoot so you can check out the rest at the source and the ones i liked best after the cut.

sources: petracollins

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