"I am Cait."

The much awaited docu-series or reality show of Caitlyn Jenner aired some days ago and the first episode was an emotional ride.

Of course when you start watching this series you know it's going to be filled with emotions and it truly is. It's not easy to see her mother, meeting Caitlyn's true self for the very first time and her struggle to understand what she did wrong in not seeing what her kind was going through. But that's one of the steps you see Cait take on this very rocky but hopeful journey.

What i've always love about Caitlyn Jenner ever since she came out publicly with her new situation, is the bravery and courage she takes in explaining her side of the story, and how amazingly her message gets to others. It must have been hell for her to go from American's National champion to a transgender women but when you hear her explain herself, it makes all the sense in the world. This is the key element in Cait's story, that she is, as her former self, a great motivational speaker, and even when her message doesn't affect you in any part of your life, you receive that message as something inspiring and beautiful.

I'm definitely in for Caitlyn Jenner's ride and continue watching her amazing and brave journey, and let's hope her powerful message arrives to those in need with her same situation. Bravo Caitlyn Jenner, you are reaching more hearts than you ever thought of.

sources: nylon

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