'Rebel Heart' (2015)

'Rebel Heart' is finally being released tomorrow after some demo leaks and even the full album, and let me tell you that it's her best work ever since 'Confessions on a Dancefloor' (2005). I'd rather have Madonna taking some time from album to album and releasing some decent material like this record, than to have forgettable albums like 'Hard Candy' or 'MDNA'.

Anyway, this record contains some fantastic songs like the first single 'Living for Love' and many more so after the cut, i'm posting my fave songs from 'Rebel Heart', Madonna is back and with good stuff, sorry monsters:

First things first, 'Living for Love' is an instant hit. I kinda liked the demo version a little bit better but this song is as great as it can be:

(More after the cut)

Another instant hit that she has to release as a single, because this song is on fire. Nicki Minaj's rap is everything and the song is Beyonce to me, flawless: 

Now here's 'Heartbreak City', probably her best ballad since 'Miles Away', and it's totally amazing. The lyrics and the music are indeed heartbreaking and it was love at first listen:

This is some serious dance stuff. It kinda reminds me to 'MDNA's 'I'm Addicted' and it's equally flawless. Can't wait to dance this on the 'Rebel Heart tour':

And finally (because i could talk about 'Joan of Arc', 'Illuminati' or 'Rebel Heart' too) here's 'Holy Water', which could be included in a modern version of 'Erotica' and it's as great as i'm introducing it, enjoy:

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