Top favorite Madonna performances

Madonna performed at the Grammy Awards on Sunday night, she was back after some years and while the performance was ok, it didn't live up to other amazing performances she's done before.

I know Madonna is not what she used to be, but who could keep being awesome, innovative and groundbreaking after 30 years? Exactly. So i'm posting some of my favourite performances from the Queen herself, from award shows to tour shows, she has always put on a show when performing live. Who could forget her iconic performance of Vogue ala Marie Antoinette during the MTV Awards in 1990? Or Lenny Kravitz playing guitar to 'Ray of Light' in 1998? I know, lots of Madonna lately here, but i'm an unapologetic bitch.


Shanti/Ashtangi-Ray of Light

 Bye Bye Baby

Keep it together

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