10 years of Silent Alarm

10 years already of the debut album of one of my favorite bands. And what a debut. A powerful, fresh record with no bad song, perfect from beginning to end. Not only it contains three of the songs of my very personal Top 10 Bloc Party songs but also it has my favourite, 'Like Modern Love' which still is my number 1.

I remember back in the day me watching MTV2 and coming across 'Banquet' and loving it instantly. Nor did the song end that i was already adoring that new band and looking for more. And while this might be for many their best album– i really don't want to enter that– it was a really great start and they haven't slowed down a bit, more disco or still rocking their guitars, they're still on top of their game.

So, if you haven't listened to this awesome album please do below, starting with songs like 'Like Eating Glass', 'Helicopter', 'Positive Tension',  'Banquet' (ofc) that will give you a lot of energy and others like 'Blue Light' and 'This Modern Love' will melt your heart. A little gem.

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