'Girlhood' (Bande de Filles) trailer

Once i watched Richard Linklater's 'Boyhood', i demanded that a 'Girlhood' should be in the making. Well then, there's one coming up but not from Linklater but from French director Céline Sciamma. And i have no complaints.

The trailer so far looks promising, instead of starting the story during the protagonist's childhood it focuses on her teens, which is a key moment in any girl's life. One of the things i missed when i watched 'Boyhood' is that it didn't go in depth into important coming of age moments like the first kiss, the first time, body issues, etc., and it seems here we will see some of these.

It has no premiere date here in Spain yet but let's hope it doesn't take too long because now i'm curious to see this film (as well as the two other movies Sciamma has also directed, 'Tomboy' and 'Water Lillies', focused on girls too). Watch the trailer below:

sources: blackfilm

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