Leighton Meester's debut album 'Heartstrings'

This is the album you should be talking about right now and not a catchy pop album that will be forgotten by next year. I don't know though if 'Heartstrings', Leighton Meester's first album, will sell a lot of copies or make it onto music history (i doubt that), but i'm sure it will become very dear to those who give it a try and like sweet, smooth, melodic songs. Because Leighton's first album is something that even though it doesn't contain an original sound, the lyrics and her sweet, sweet voice –she's almost like whispering sometimes, will take you places.

I've been listening to this album non stop, you can stream it online here but below i posted some of my favourite tracks –'Runaway' is definitely my favourite from the album besides the song that gives the album its name, so take a listen because this is good material.



Blue Afternoon

sources: billboard & youtube

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