'Mean Girls' reunion on EW

OMG, this is so important news. This should have happened on October 3rd to be more fetch, but anyway, this is something fantastic.

This movie became an instant teen flick classic and to this day, the true heir of 'Heathers' and 'Clueless' has not yet been dethroned. Which is sad because there are so many good girlie movies out there but somehow the formula highschool-mean girls-drama doesn't work out. At least for now. But anyway, we'll always have those three movies to do an excellent chick flick marathon and i'm going to attempt to make a top 6 of other chick flicks to keep into consideration (i'm sorry, but no 'Pitch Perfect' or 'Bring It On', never liked them), be sure to check out the reunion interview these ladies had with EW and find out where Regina George would be after 10 years (so accurate):

1. Never Been Kissed
2. Drop Dead Gorgeous
3. Easy A
4. Wildchild
5. Pretty Persuasion
6. Sugar & Spice

sources: ew

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