Lifetime's Aaliyah's and TLC's biopic movies

Controversy has followed both TLC's and Aaliyah's biopics made by Lifetime, especially the latter one, and to be honest these films doesn't do them justice.

First of all, the little use of their music which is a key element of their careers. I have no clue if the artists' themselves, or family members when it comes to Aaliyah, or perhaps their music labels, denied them to get full access to their tracks but that's something that was truly missed. Also, the failure of having the actresses who portrayed these four ladies sing their songs instead of the original songs, which may be connected to the previous thing i pointed here. And finally, the lack of quality of both movies, they were mediocre at best and the performances were not strikingly good, though not bad either.

Now, after watching them, i think both biopics were pretty avoidable, i know i watched them out of curiosity as so many other people, but i don't think it treated their protagonists fairly, especially in Aaliyah's case.

Anyway, we'll always have VH1's Behind the Music specials to check out a more accurate look into both acts' careers and their personals lives, and they even threw some shade to the Aaliyah biopic (below). Up next there's the En Vogue Christmas special but i think i'm off this mess of a train.

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