Marc Jacocs goes The Virgin Suicides

After directing Daisy for her good friend Marc Jacobs, Sofia Coppola is back into business with her designer friend for the campaign of Daisy Dream and if the previous ad evoked some 'The Virgin Suicides' feels, this new one is totally an homage to her own debut movie.

In one of the most iconic scenes of the movie, the boys obsessed with the Lisbon sisters try to imagine the secret world of the girls while reading Cecilia's diary, Air is sounding and everything is dreamy, and that's kinda what Coppola tried to do with this new ad. Daisy Dream is not as enchanting or ethereal as the movie, but it's lovely too and sells the product well. So below you can watch the new and 'The Virgin Suicides' scene for comparison, and i couldn't help but to post after the cut a few stills of that scene, i love the dreamy, free-spirited mood so enjoy the magic and enigmatic world of the Lisbon girls after the cut.

The trees like lungs filling with air
My sister the mean one pulling my hair

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  1. No he vist la peli però els anuncis dels perfums de marc jacobs són sempre molt cutes i innocents. jo faig servir daisy des de fa temps i m'encanta. amés el disseny de l'ampolla és preciós.

    com va l'estiu dear? espero que molt bé. petonets x