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It took me quite a while to watch this show, even though i fucking adored 'Weekend' by Andrew Haigh and i highly recommend it to anyone who likes simple stories but with a lot of meaning and depth. Anyway, the thing is that i had really high hopes for 'Looking', and while at first watching the first episodes i felt kinda disappointed (the show stars developing really slowly, just like the Andrew Haigh movie), in the end i absolutely adored it.

Initially compared to HBO's other show 'Girls', really loose comparison in my opinion, the key of this show is getting to know the three main characters little by little, even though that means that you don't like them at first or don't understand their actions (like it happened to me with Agustín), but also that shows Haigh's accuracy to write characters and stories. As simple as they are or as common, it depicts real life itself and that's the greatness, and i think, the reason behind the success of 'Looking'. It doesn't matter if you're not a gay living in San Francisco, or a man for that matter, you can relate to their stories and their feelings, and that's something that also happened in 'Weekend'. For me, the most touching moment of this season was when Patrick, after having sex with his boss Kevin - allowing him to go backdoor when he never allowed that to his love interest Richie, meets him and realises his mistake and how he's not ready to get committed in a relationship with him. I could relate to that, doing everything wrong or with the wrong person and being aware of that, but doing it anyway, because something in your guts tells you that you're scared and you simply can't take a step.

It's not a show for everyone, just as 'Weekend' it's not a movie for anyone, so i recommend it for those who like real stories, who have no rush when watching a show and, of course, anyone who liked Haigh's movie. I seriously can't wait for the second season.

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