Romanticization of Mental Illnes by Kelsey Weaver

 Step off your altar

I've recently came across this set of  photos by Kelsey Weaver, a social media journalist from Idaho who has created a series of really great concept pictures. I love the unconventional use of ordinary elements or stories to represent something else – just like the 'This is not the princess I wanted to become' post–  and even though it's only six pictures (the girl hasn't updated her Flickr since 2011), the idea is really cool. I'm posting them all and also the tagline she used to describe them, anorexia, anxiety, self-harm, depression and suicide, the glamorisation that some people do of their illnesses in order to continue.

 Hours like days

This is not a love note

   Blades shouldn't be part of your everyday kit

Not an answer

 Violent ends have violent means

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  1. Love this - so enigmatic and has such a strong message!