10 years of 'Mean Girls'

What a movie. Seriously. I don't think that no one who went and watched it on the cinema (as i did) thought that this would become such a chick flick classic. A true modern heiress to 'Heathers' and 'Clueless', it contains all the basic elements in a highschool movie, from the mean chicks, to the newbie, the nerds, the losers, the stoners, the mathletes, the highschool band, Prom, Halloween parties, everything. But still, it's really something else. Blame Tina Fey (who wrote the screenplay) and  a really wide ensemble, each and every character having their own unique thing. It's a movie which it's success it's not centered on the main protagonist (Lindsay Lohan) in fact, she's kinda the less cool character of the whole film, kinda like the excuse. Everyone else shines through, even Trang Pak. And its humour (again, hand it to Miss Fey) it's excellent. I wish my friends and i could quote 'Mean Girls' as we do with 'The Goonies', because it has tons of cool quotes like "On Wednesdays we wear pink", "If you're from Africa why are you white?" and so on.

So it's been 10 years and the movie hasn't gotten old at all, i kinda think it has gotteb even better because there hasn't been another chick flick based on highschool that has been better. Of course, there are a ton of other comedies with a female ensemble that have been excellent, like Drew Barrymore's 'Whip It!', 'Bridesmaids', 'Easy A' or 'Bachelorette' (some even say 'Pitch Perfect' but as a i hate musicals or anything close, i didn't like it that much), but nothing like 'Mean Girls'.

So, in honor of its 10th year anniversary, i'm posting the best quotes from the movie, i should do a re-watch soon cause the movie it's really the guiltiest pleasure ever and i love films that leave me such a good feeling after laughing so hard. So fetch!

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  1. ADORO mean girls! probablement és la peli més quotable de la història, sobretot la frase 'on wednesdays we wear pink' que m'encanta. regina george queen bee forever jajaja! sempre he pensat que el personatge de la blair waldorf estava una mica inspirat en ella, no se perquè, coses meves suposo. recordo quan vaig veure mamma mia que, en teoria, era la primera peli que veia de l'amanda seyfried, després quan vaig saber que també sortia a mean girls en va fer molta gràcia. i la rachel mcadams està espectacular. tots els papers que ha fet després sempre han estat de tonteta però aquí fa de slut total i m'encanta. molt bon post dear.

    mean girls forever, bitches!