Top 10 All Saints songs

All Saints is like my second favourite girl band ever (first one is TLC, obvs), but i really loved their music, their style, their hair and pretty much everything. They were the serious alternative of the Spice Girls, with good melodies, good lyrics and a lot of baggy trousers. So, talking about them the other day with a friend, he was telling me that All Saints didn't really have a lot of hit songs and i highly disagree. Sure, their biggest singles were 'Never Ever', 'Pure Shores' and 'Under the Bridge' (which i never liked), but they got many more excellent songs that weren't released as singles. Their first album is really great and the second one is flawless, but they haven't been capable of doing anything else as good as those two albums.

They're reuniting this Spring to support Backstreetboys on tour , so i'm making my top 10 of favourite songs from All Saints, in no specific order and with a bonus Melanie Blatt song and a great live cover of 'Always Something There To Remind Me', such a shame that these girls being so talented and with such great voices, don't continue making beautiful music, together or as solo artists. Enjoy!

Never Ever

I Know Where It's At

Lady Marmalade (album version)

Pure Shores

Ready, Willing and Able

Black Coffee

If You Want to Party


If You Don't Know What I Know

War of Nerves

Artful Dodger feat. Melanie Blatt - Twentyfourseven

Always Something There To Remind Me (live)

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