San Sebastián/Bilbao

Last November i travelled to the Basque country, i've never been so up north in the country and i was really looking out for it because it's a totally different landscape.

The weather was rainy  all the time and it was really cold but that made the whole trip more beautiful in a shade of grey and i took some really pretty photos that i'm posting after the cut. I've visited both Bilbao and San Sebastián, and while they are really different – Bilbao is more industrial while San Sebastián is a more elegant city, i loved them both: Bilbao for the pretty downtown and the statuesque Guggenheim Museum (i've always wanted to witness with my eyes such an epic form of art), and San Sebastián has the mesmerizing Playa de la concha and Chillida's installation of El peine del viento that creates a really astonishing view. Enjoy the beauty after the cut:


San Sebastián

sources: photos taken by me

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  1. Què bonic Mar. Jo tinc molts amics allà (a les dos ciutats), i justament un dels meus millors amics que no era d'alli se'n va anar a viure a Sant Sebastià fa un any i vull anar a visitar-lo en unes setmanes. Només ha estat a Bilbao, i em va agradar molt, i Sant Sebastià crec que m'encantarà.