Wuthering Heights (2011)

(It contains spoilers)
It's been quite a while since i wanted to watch this new version of 'Wuthering Heights' by Andrea Arnold, director of the acclaimed 'Fish Tank', and i think this might be the version that reflects best the whole mood of the story, the whole enviorment, the full essence of the book.

I've got to admit it's not a novel that i really loved, i liked it but it took me quite a while to read it as it's not an easy story to follow, it gets confusing most times and out of the Brontë sisters, i liked 'Jane Eyre' by Anne Brontë better. But Emily Brontë's narration of Heathcliff's and Catherine's passionate love story is something else, something that goes beyond words, beyond life, and the movie really captures that perfectly. The wind constantly running through the moors, the grey, rainy weather, the silence between them, everything that remains unsaid but can be told by their eyes or small gestures, using a great amount of hand shots, the delicacy of the simplicity, the going back to feel like a child when they're reunited in their adulthood (achieved by using flashback scenes or using the younger actors), all that is transferred from the book into the screen and that's the greatness of the movie.

The only bad thing that can be said is that it only narrates half of the story, everything after Cathy's death is missing, but while other movie adaptations have failed in the telling of all of the events of the novel, because quite a lot that happens in the book, this one succeeds precisely in taking its time narrating the never consumated romance, and not wanting to overtell everything. It's true that are many important aspects of the story that are lost this way, but it doesn't fail in the narration up to that point and that's not an easy task for such an iconic novel.

Behind the cut i posted some of the powerful images that appear in the movie, it is so beautifully filmed that i ended up posting a lot so admire the beauty that is this film, and watch it if only to see a remarkable adaptation of this haunting love story.

"You broke my heart. You killed me."

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  1. La vaig veure l'estiu passat i estic totalment d'acord amb tot el que has dit sobre ella. Has vist també Fish Tank? A mi l'Andrea Arnold, m'està agradant molt encara que crec que podria canviar algunes coses de la narració, les seues imatges són molt reals i fa que connectes amb els personatges. D'aquesta la primera part quan són petits crec que va ser la meua favorita. És una representació totalment real de l'época i com es desenvolupa tot, i el que no haja música només el so dels llocs, els moors i tot és una passada. De la segona part m'agrada molt que surta Kaya, eixa actriu té un magnetisme especial, sempre em fascina veure-la, i crec que el xic que fa de Heathcliff, bé els dos que ho fan, són genials. I the ice on the cake va ser la cançó que els Mumford and Sons van fer per a la peli, The Enemy, em va encantar.

    I estic d'acord amb el que dius de les Brönte sisters i jo vaig tindre els mateixos problemes llegint el llibre.