'Palo Alto' directed by Gia Coppola

Gia Coppola is not only another Coppola family member (daughter of the late Gio Coppola and granddaughter of Francis Ford Coppola), but also the latest one of the Coppolas who is making the brave move, brave because after 'The Godfather' director the expectations are really high – of making her first feature lenght film. She had already directed some fashion short films for Diane Von Fustenberg or Opening Ceremony and now she's adapting the first book of short stories by James Franco, titled 'Palo Alto'.

The movie narrates a series of tangled stories of troubled kids and troubled teachers starring James Franco, Emma Roberts, Jack Kilmer (with a cameo by his dad Val Kilmer) and even her grandauntie Talia Shire is appearing in the movie and by the looks of the trailer it looks good. It gives major Sofia Coppola vibes so that's a good and a bad thing, bad because she needs to have her own signature style but maybe there's a lot more that we can't see from the trailer. Check it out because it really made me want to see it, and behind the cut, there's the super cute fashion shortfilm 'Non Plus One' for Opening Ceremony, starring her uncle Jason Schwartzman and Sofia Coppola's muse Kirsten Dunst (who were already a royal couple in 'Marie Antoinette') and with music by Schwartzman's band Coconut Records. It's all in the family.

It takes a while to load.

(Music doesn't start until minute 1.05)

sources: vulture & indiewire


  1. El trailer pinta super bé, tinc ganes de veure l'emma roberts i el james franco, sobretot a ella ja que només la conec per les coses que ha fet a disney.

    petonets x

  2. Com ja et vaig dir per twitter té una pinta boníssima. Tinc moltes ganes de veure-la. I el James Franco està que no para... dirigint pelis pròpies i estrenant-les a Cannes i Venecia i ara veig que també escriu short stories.