"Let's go to Paris', I wanna rob"

i've talked several times about 'The Bling Ring', maybe way too many, but seriously, i'm always super excited about any new Sofia Coppola movie let alone one that has a cameo by the one true heiress, the one before all the Kardashians, the one and only, Paris Hilton. I have a really weird and funny appreciation for her, i really find her funny and someone who has created her own character, living in her pink world with her tiny dogs and combing her blonde hair in her big mansion. I really like that idea, frivolous, rich by blood and not feeling sorry about it but making a caricature of it. Just like Sofia Coppola says after her first visit to her mansion:

"I saw the pillows adorned with [Paris'] face and I took my picture with them. She's such a pop icon and has a sense of humour about herself. I think she was the first to make herself into a brand. She's so dedicated to her style."

Anyways, the bottom line is that two of my fave women, Sofia Coppola and Paris, have teamed up for this movie as Hilton's house was robbed by the real 'The Bling Ring' gang, so she allowed Miss Coppola to film scenes into her Beverly Hills mansion and do this very great photoshoot of the place (wish there were more pics though). Because wanting it or not, everyone would loooove to be living la vida Hilton where the party is nonstop and everything has a designer label. Because, That's Hot!

sources: ELLE


  1. Tinc una relació d'amor-odi amb la Paris però tens tota la raó, de tonta no té un pel i ha après a crear una marca d'ella mateixa. Smart woman. A veure que tal la peli, quan s'estrena?

    Petons xx

  2. M'encanta l'última foto, és massa adorable! I la primera és molt cute també. A mi també em sembla graciosa en moltes coses que fa. Tinc ganes de veure ja la peli, no deixen de sortir entrevistas amb la Sofia everywhere! haha

    un petó gran!