TV Show finales recap time

Tons of season finales episodes aired in the last few weeks so now it's time to do a proper recap of some of them: 'Hart of Dixie', '2 Broke Girls', 'New Girl', 'Grey's Anatomy' and the show finale of '90210', spoilers ahead!

'Hart of Dixie' (Season 2)
This show has the problem of having to pair up Dr. Zoe Hart with George at some point, and they run around in circles with that all the time. Noone wants to see Zorge together, George is so vanilla and Wade is a way better character than him, so Zade all the way. Also, the true couple of this show are Lavon and Lemon, and even though the Annabeth love triangle was nice for a while, let's hope that that happens at some point, hopefully on season 3.

'2 Broke Girls' (Season 2)
This show started being a lot of fun, it has great jokes and funny situations but after a while it gets boring because it basically has no plot or no subplot that keeps you attached. Like yeah, they have to develop their cupcacke business and whatever but there's nothing more than that. You can miss a few episodes and still you can watch it without missing anything big. It had a little bit with Nick Zano's character (that hispter hottie) but that's pretty much it. Still, the last episode made you want to keep watching so i'll do, but without expecting too much.

'New Girl' (season 2)
Now this show really has gotten better and better, from the hilarious flashbacks to their college years or even childhood years (that reminded me so much of 'Friends' hilarious flashbacks), from each character having their special thing and having their own jokes, making it familar to the viewer, which is a total win because you grow fond of them (kinda like 'Cougar Town'). The Taylor Swift cameo was so unnecessary at the finale but i'm glad they didn't pull Jess and Nick apart to keep people hanging with that on season 3. Also, their lovescenes-kisses were soo great in this season, makes you want to see more. But the Schmidt love triangle needs to stop, it makes no sense that now Cece is all in love with him and i kinda like Schmidt with his old college girlfriend Elizabeth, so i want more from that in the new season.

'90210' (season 5 - show finale)
I was really surprised when this show wasn't cancelled after the first season, let alone after the second, third and fourth, but it sucks that it was cancelled without a proper ending. Because i don't think they had that in mind when they shot season 5. i've always watched it no matter what, without liking it that much to be honest, but now with plots like the Silver one (cancer and no babies) it could have continued for another one. But well, we'll miss the hilarity of Naomi Clark (seriously, if there's going to be a young Samantha in 'The Carrie Diaries' it has to be played by AnnaLynne McCord) or miss cool characters like Silver or Ivy (seriously, Navid, Winston and Liam were so useless on this show) so farewell 90210.

'Grey's Anatomy' (season 9)
This show used to have the most flawless season finales ever and while this one was not bad at all (it actually was better than the previous season finales), it doesn't even come close to the perfection that it used to be. Anyway, this whole season was ok, it started reaaally good with all the plane drama and the mourning but then, the whole thing about buying the hospital was pretty boring, not to mention the new interns that are so not interesting (except the one that hooks up with Karev, but only because of that – i don't even know their names). But the best thing on the finale, apart from Webber's death(?), was the Arizona cheating scandal. I've never liked that character, lately with the whole thing that happened to her she became a little more bearable but now... noone messes with Calliope Torres, she's a badass character and i really hope they don't go on with this relationship because, honestly, it's boring.
I'm glad that there's another season of this show (10 already!), i don't know if it would be better that it was the final one but i'll keep on watching no matter what!

Also, now i've ran out of tv shows, i'm only watching 'Game of Thrones' and i'm thinking about starting 'Mad Men' and also been told to watch 'Episodes', but i wonder if i should give 'Downton Abbey' a try, or even 'Gilmore Girls', so i need advice for these or other shows worth watching!

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  1. Yayyy I love this post!!! Hart of dixie cada vegada m'agrada menys, ho segueixo mirant per la Jamie King que és flawless. No se quina direcció agafarà la serie la temporada vinent, però espero que res de Zeorge (ugh!!!). El final de New Girl va ser super cute, però la manera d'aixafar la boda no em va agradar massa, tot super ràpid i una mica caòtic. M'agrada la parella cece + schmit però amb l'elizabeth també molen així que nose que vull. em moro per la tercera temporada, espero que tot vagi bé amb nick i jess. respecte greys, a mi el final em va agradar moltissim. òbviament ja no és el mateix que a les primeres temporades però tot i així crec que va estar molt bé. almenys no hi ha hagut morts dramàtiques com a la temporada passada, s'han resolt coses que estaven ja a punt d'acabar (owen i cristina) i ens deixen amb intriga per la temporada vinent (jackson i april, mort? del webber etc) m'agrada que tot hagi anat bé amb el bebe i la meredith, a ella l'adoro. les altres dues series no les miro així que no puc comentar.

    jo miraria mad men i gilmore girls, sobretot la 2a que es genial (lauren graham forever). mad men em va costar molt al principi, perquè no té acció i és molt diferent a tot el que jo miro, però ara la trobo espectacular. vestuari, fotografia, estètica, increíble. jo quan comenci game of thrones et dic el que. vaja un rollo te escrit xd, les series em perden.

    molts petons my dear xx