Wes Anderson and Roman Coppola for Prada Candy

After some gorgeous teasers, the three complete episodes of Prada Candy L'Eau sarring Léa Seydoux are here! Everything is chic, with a French 70s style and the whole vibe of Wes Anderson's movies, trés cool! This campaign is soooo much better than the previous one and everything is exquisite (as Coppolas usually do), so check out how difficult it is to be Candy and having two fine men madly in love with you below in the three episodes:


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  2. Molt cool, em va recordar l'escena al saloon a la Margot Tenenbaum, i és com una combinació de "Une femme est une femme" de Godard, i "Jules et Jim" de Truffaut, i of course és mil vegades millor que l'altre anunci, no té ni comparació. I la música amb Jacques Dutronc m'encanta ^^