What do you need to know about 'Spring Breakers' before you watch it in order to enjoy it

(No spoilers)

One of my most anticipated movies of the year (besides 'Don Jon', 'Stoker', 'Before Midnight' and 'The Bling Ring') was 'Spring Breakers' (2012), and i didn't expect much from it because people were either saying this was a masterpiece or total crap but when i watched it... it made me mad. Big disappointment. No sense of a movie. At All. A waste of time. It stuck in my head for the rest of the day, despising it, loathing it, until suddently i got it.

Watching 'Spring Breakers' it's an experience, it's hypnotic, disturbing, there's music sounding all the time, neon colours, bikinis, booties, tits all over, you're overwhelmed with images most of the times, like a 'Clockwork Orange' experience of watching something you cannot take your eyes off. If there's something you need to know about this movie beforehand, it's that it's a joke, the joke is on the audience, because you go to the cinema expecting one thing and you get another. In reality, this is not a party movie ala 'Project X', it's a satire, a depiction of today's youth, their fantasy over Spring break and their wishes of adventure, unrealistic adventures which they have seen growing up watching videos of rappers on MTV, with a lot of girls on their bikinis, lots of guns, dollars all over the place, fast cars, bling bling. That's why the joke's on the audience, because people of that generation, will go watch it and think it's the coolest film ever, they want that, whereas the rest will see it as something unreal, will despise it if they don't get the whole point or if they get it, they will think the idea is fucking genius. Because it is. It's about a generation of girls who like to be slutty, obscene, who are still Britney fans at heart and think that dancing to one of her ballads while carrying guns is the coolest shit ever. That want to hang out with dangerous people because that's badass, without thinking of the consequences for a second. It's a void generation, there's no substance, no depth, and director Harmony Korine presents that perfectly. This can be taken as a parallelism (take it really loosey) of Korine's 'Kids' (1995), where he presented that time's youth, maybe a little younger in age that what's depicted on 'Spring Breakers', but the movie is about their interests, which was basically getting high, hanging out with your friends and get laid. That was a more realistic approach but only because nowadays everyone wants that fantasy, as they say "Pretend it's a video game", the American dream of having lots of money the easy way, living just to have fun and party without thinking about the future. That's why i think casting two Disney princesses (Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens) and another actress with a solid fanbase coming from a tv show (Ashley Benson from 'Pretty Little Liars') was such a right choice because they draw that young audience, which ironically might be under 18 and will not be able to watch the movie, but that's gonna glorify the movie.

If you watch 'Spring Breakers' with all this in mind, you will be able to like it but if you take it seriously then you will definately hate it. I personally thought it was a really smart move from the director and would love to see it again after some time with what i know now.
72 hours later and this movie is still stuck on my head.
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  1. A veure si la veig prompte, perquè ha llegit reviews genials d'ella, d'alguna gent que segueixo. Ja m'imagino com ha de ser pel que contes i pel que havia llegit d'ella. Realment hi ha gent que viu així, inclós que conec (no friends, però coneguts), sobre tot noies de 17-18 anys, que es creuen que són com les protagonistes d'un video totalment, s'està venent molt aquest lifestyle, amb la música de Skrillex de fons haha.
    Segur que és interessant com Kids ^^ així que ja et comentaré quan l'haja vist!

    un petó gran

  2. La miraré per tenir-ne una opinió i per comentar-la amb tu i la Mara, però tampoc m'havia cridat gaire l'atenció abans. Si amb tot això que has dit la puc gaudir doncs molt millor :) A les actrius o no les conec o només les he vist a Disney així que estarà bé veure-les fora del seu "hàbit natural". Ja et diré!!

    Petonets x

  3. So, I watched the film last night and Although i didnt want to watch it because of Harmony korine's previous work, which i find as obnoxious and pretentious. But I did anyways because of all the fuzz, and I find it boring.
    Please don't tell me that these girls have always acted the same, they are no "actresses" they just can remember lines.
    These girls will could never act as Juliette Binoche can, they will never have the act rang such as Michelle Williams or Bette Davies. Please understand that the same reason I watched the film, was also the reason because Harmony Korine chose these young celebrities for. For the reaction and the morbidity of watching these young stars acting like uninhibited girls exact as the girls of our generation.

    I didn't like the film as you previously read, I believe I lost 90 minutes.
    Thank you and your blog is amazing have a great weekend