Blue Valentine (2010)

Another movie trivia, this time about a film that i didn't quite like, i don't know if it was because everyone was loving it and adoring it and i expected lots from it or maybe i watched it on the wrong day, it can occur that when i watch this again i'm gonna love it, it has happened before so who knows. Still, the performances by Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams are amazing, and i really loved that the movie was a contrast between when they first met and fell in love with the decay of their relationship. But there's a precious trivia about one particular scene, when Dean, Ryan Gosling's character, has to bury his dog, and this is what happened during the filming process:

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Director Derek Cianfrance was adamant not to let production designers dig the hole for Ryan in the scene where Dean is burying his dog. Ryan dug it himself and an hour and a half later, "when he was done digging the hole, he broke down. And that was an unscripted scene, him crying at the table. He was actually so emotional and what he told me afterwards was that, that process tricked his body because his body was so exhausted and his body didn't know that that wasn't his dog. His body just buried his dog, and his body reacted in that way."

As if we needed any more reasons to love Ryan Gosling... precious.

sources: perfectgosling


  1. Aww que mono! jo la vaig començar a veure però no estava ben gravada al cd i se'm va tallar, així que no l'he acabat. A mi si que em va agradar (el troç que vaig veure), em va sorpendre perquè no m'esperava que fos tan trista.

    Com va tot dear? Ara que fas? Estudies o treballes? Petonets x

  2. Genial aquesta info, ho havia llegit ja a una web. M'encanten els movie trivias aquestos que estàs fent! A mí la primera vegada em va deixar destrossada literalment... en plan de wtf? Però la segona em va agradar molt més, i indudablement ells dos fan un paper genial, la fotografia és molt maca i la música també, molt fans dels Grizzly Bear. A veure que fan en la segona que han rodat el Gosling i Cianfrance, 'The Place Beyond The Pines' amb Rose Byrne, Bradley Cooper i l'Eva Mendes... tinc ganes de veure-la!