Girlbands of the 90s (part II)

I should have done this entry earlier considering it's a follow-up from the Girlbands of the 90s post, but i didn't have the time to post it or something else came along. Anyway, it would have been a failure to remember 90s' girlbands without mentioning or making a proper post about the original creators of "Girl Power", Shampoo!!

The band formed by then teenagers Jacqui and Carrie, got really trashed in the UK for their spoiled and bratty attitude, but they didn't care because they were huge in Japan and sold records like cookies on a school entry. Anyway, they have pretty much fallen into oblivion but their songs are fun to listen at, the lyrics are hilarious and they're riot girls at heart, if i ever were to make a band, they would be my dream band, enjoy my most loved Shampoo songs which never ever sound old:


Girl Power


Skinny White Thing

School is Boring

Also, even though Rebecca & Fiona are the modern electropop version of Shampoo, doesn't this song of Swedish band Icona Pop, which is the theme song from 'Snooki & JWoww', remind you to Shampoo? The lyrics, the music, i think it's fantastic, I love it!

sources: beststuff, lastfm, home.adm & youtube

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