Seeking a friend for the end of the world (2012).

Now this is a cute movie to watch on a lazy Sunday, i really thought it was going to be worse but it's one of those movies you don't expect much and surprises you in a nice way, as it doesn't have any pretentions and it's not directed to dumb viewers. It's sort of a dramedy with lots of cuteness which is strange considering how in the end, it's an apocalyptic movie. The title pretty much explains the plot and it has Steve Carrell, not in a comedy role for once, who completely nails it and Keira Knightley who is, as usual, great as well as some bonus Seth Coen!

 Highly recommended to spend a nice time without having to watch a huge drama, a twisted plot or silly stuff. Here's the trailer, that reveals a bit too much of the story but in case you're not convinced by what i'm saying, take a look:

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