50 best movies of the last 15 years

Total Film's writers have voted the 50 best movies of the last 15 years (1997 to 2012) and even though most of the times lists suck as everyone has their own opinion, this one is a really accurate one. There are some major movies missing ('Dogtooth'/Canino, 'Closer', 'A Single Man'/'Un hombre soltero', 'A Serious Man'/'Un tipo serio' or 'Atonement'/Expiación) and i don't agree at all with #1 but still is interesting to check out and i've highlighted all the must-watch ones, i've seen 41 out of the 50 so you go and take my recommendations:

#50  'The Departed' - Infiltrados (2006).
#49  'Children of Men' - Hijos de los hombres (2006).
#48  'Good Will Hunting' - El indomable Will Hunting (1997).
#47  'Eyes Wide Shut' (1999).
#46  'Blue Valentine' (2012).
#45  'The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford' (2007).
#44  'Drive' (2011).
One of those movies you love it or hate it, full of emotions and music moments in scenes, loved it.

#43  'Y tu mamá también' (2001).
#42  'Up' (2009).
#41  'The New World' - El nuevo mundo (2005).
#40  'The Truman Show' (1998).
#39  'Casino Royale' (2006).
#38  'American Beauty' (1999).
#37  'Before Sunset' - Antes del atardecer (2004).
Because sometimes we have to have a little hope in second chances and in this case, in sequels, because this movie is even better than the first, 'Before Sunrise'. And we are left to see if 'Before Midnight' gets even better.

#36  'Sideways' - Entre copas (2004).
#35  'Let the Right One In' - Déjame entrar (2008).
Sharp teeth and soft tenderness that made the vampire genre's heart beat again, and the American remake failed miserably to achieve that.

#34  'Out of Sight' - Un romance muy peligroso (1998).
#33  'The Social Network' - La red social (2010).
#32  'Spirited Away' - El viaje de Chihiro (2001).
#31  'In the Mood for Love' - Deseando amar (2000).
#30  'Shaun of the Dead' - Zombies Party (2004).
#29  'Gladiator' (2000).
#28  'Brokeback Mountain' (2005).
Such a beautiful and delicate lovestory. It doesn't matter if they're men or cowboys, feelings are universal and Ang Lee brought pure emotions on screen.

#27  'Boogie Nights' (1997).
#26  'The Big Lebowski' - El gran Lebowski (1998).
The Coen brothers at their best, and it's almost unbelievable that it was completely ignored when it was released, and it should be higher on this list, especially when there's 'No Country for Old Men' higher when we all know the Coen's masterpiece is The Dude.

#25  'City of God' - Ciudad de Dios (2002).
#24  'The Lives of Other' - La vida de los otros (2006).
#23  'LA Confidential' (1997).
This is how you do noir cinema, with the whole vibe of the Hollywood of the 50s and a cast full of great performances that take your breath away, literally.

#22  'Donnie Darko' (2001).
One of those filsm that makes a difference when it comes out, like there are no movies like this before, something that has happened with other movies like 'Pulp Fiction', and that only makes them even more special. Also, an indie movie at heart always wins everybody who has good taste in cinema.

#21  'Rushmore' (1998).
The less known but, in my opinion, the best Wes Anderson movie despite being 'The Royal Tenembaums' everyone's favourite. It's a more personal story, and of course it has Bill Murray and one Wilson brother, Anderson's must-have in movies.

#20  'Wall.E' (2008).
#19  'Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind' - Olvídate de mí (2004).
Would you erase someone from your head only to remove the pain? If there's something we learn from this film, is that no matter what you do, history repeats itself and we keep making the same mistakes and going back to the same kind of people. Tough but done in a beautiful and romantic way, and who knew Jim Carrey could do drama?

#18  'Kill Bill vol 1/2' (2003/4).
Flawless two-part movie that is 100% Tarantino at his best, the dialogues, scenes, homages to the movies that he loves, the soundtrack, everything has his very personal mark and that's what makes the story of the Bride so excellent, because it has his full energy. Probably my fave Tarantino movies.

#17  'Hidden' - Caché (Escondido) (2005).
Another one of those type of films that you have never seen before but more twisted, it's not a movie for everyone and have to be totally invested in the story that some may find it too dull to be interested in or care about the ending. But if you like it, you're gonna be thinking about it for days, and i love when that happens after i watch a movie.

#16  'No Country for Old Men' - No es país para viejos (2007).
#15  'The Thin Red Line' - La delgada línea roja (1998).
#14  'The Matrix' (1999)
#13  'Zodiac' (2007).
#12  'Dead Man's Shoes' (2004).
#11  'The White Ribbon' - La cinta blanca (2009).
#10  'Oldboy' (2003).
Be sure you won't see aything like this movie after watching it, and the American remake is not gonna compare to this amazing story. I can't recommend this movie more, and even though it's a three-film revenge saga and the other two movies are quite something, this one is flawless. It's gonna haunt you for weeks after seeing it, you've been warned.

#09  'Pan's Labyrinth' - El laberinto del fauno (2006).
#08  'Lost in Translation' (2003).
A beautiful, unconsummated love story that takes place in Tokyo, where feelings are left unsaid but Sofia Coppola manages to translate them into emotions for the viewer, my absolute favourite movie forever.

#07  'Fight Club' - El club de la lucha (1999).
#06  'The Dark Knight' - El caballero oscuro (2008).
#05  'Mulholland Drive' (2001).
Twisted and dark, there's no need to understand what happens, just get invested and let David Lynch introduce us into his nights of nightmares.

#04  'Magnolia' (1999).
One of those movies you enjoy watching, it doesn't matter if it's three hours long, every single bit of it is justified and necessary and all the stories touch a part of your heart with such an amazing script and awesome performaces where even Tom Cruise is at his best. One of those movies that if you say it sucks it hurts my heart.

#03  'There Will be Blood' - Pozos de ambición (2007).
#02  'Memento' (2000).
#01  'The Lord of the Rings Trilogy' - Trilogía del señor de los anillos (2001-2003).


  1. Igual que t'ha comentat al face, no està mal la llista, però crec que hi ha hagut millors pelis... una sorpresa que hi haja tantes d'autor i independents, perquè no són les típiques d'Oscar, però hi ha unes quantes que no peguen res, la veritat, o al menys a mi em semblen bastant mediocres... anyway, com jo sempre disc és difícil classificar així les pelis, perquè tot depén molt de la subjetivitat i dels gustos de cadascun, independenment de que unes estiguen millor o pillor el treball de direcció i els actors i així, entre les bones sempre hi ha unes que agraden més a una gent que altres depenen de la teua propia apreciació :)

    Però bé, interesant la lista ^^ i el post molt currat, com sempre (L)

    un petó!

  2. Wow 4 Brothers, Snatch, RockNRolla not even Inglorious Basterds come on

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