Summertime sadness

Summer, how i adore it, even though this year it's been pretty exhausting with the heat but it's always a joy, it's my fave season and my mood is always up. But now it feels like it's already over, it always happens with September, there's that gloominess of a season that's about to end, weather changes and you start closing all the windows at home, cover yourself in bed at night and there's something really nice about that but at the same time it means that sunny days are gone and the feeling of freedom you have in Summer, even when you don't have vacations and have to work, it's lost. So here's the soundtrack and my fave things to do on Summer (lots of Lana del Rey, i know), this year has been quiet but really enjoyable, even though you always end up having greatest expectations in Summer that always leave you with the feeling of not having it lived it up to the most. Next year, we promise to ourselves.

Pool time has surpassed beach time this year, lazy Sundays by the pool.

But there has been some decent beach days, as well.

Concerts at night, starting with one of the best concerts of my life with the Queen of Pop and Bloc Party being the most awesome gig ever, Brits gone wild.

Afternoons at home hiding from the sun, avoiding the sunlight, waiting for the night to come.

Rides through the city with the sun kissing your skin.

Movie nights at home with friends, pink popcorn and cold drinks.

Suffocating heat that makes you want to live in your bathroom and take baths all day.

Party nights, so little this year, but full of laughs and shots! And what happens then, it stays there.

Dinners with friends, playing silly games and welcoming excellent news.

Late nights at home, reading, listening to music, watching tv, doing nothing, being a night owl just because you don't have to wake up early.

For more Summer nights music [<3]

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  1. No havia vist sencer aquest post i és genial :D

    Lana ja t'he dit que no em mata molt, però la cançó de Summertime Sadness no l'havia escoltat sencera i ho ha fet i m'ha agradat ^^ sobre tot també el video és molt xulo, la Jaime King amb el vestit encarnat, m'encanta. I la foto de les Virgins que has posat, de GG, Marie Antoinette, Lost in translation i la Margot Tenenbaum genials! Les cançons, m'agrada molt també la de Garbage, Alt-J que els ha descobert per tú jaja, els Dorian (que per cert vaig estar fa dos setmanas parlant fins la matinada amb els del grup jaja perquè van venir a tocar a on punxa el meu novio, el Marc ja ha vingut a punxar també i tot i vam estar amb ells al backstage) a mí no m'agraden molt però eixa cançó està guay, i les que més m'agraden de totes les que has posat són la de Rufus (L) i la de Vive La Fete que m'encanta!

    un petó