Lana del Rey goes Blue Velvet

So many David Lynch-inspired campaigns these days, not only the Urban Outfitters Fall campaign but now the H&M fall 2012 campaign goes Lynch, directed by Johan Renck and with Lana del Rey's hypnotic vocals and pressence as the image of the brand.

The commercial pays an homage to David Lynch's classic movie 'Blue Velvet' and even though the result is kinda great - Lana's voice would fit perfectly on any Lynch scene and of course there's the obligatory creepy little man on the clip, one can help but wonder how the ad would had been it David Lynch had directed it himself. It would have been darker, way more sinister and would have contained some red curtains, but the effort is nice and her voice embodies the whole ad.

If only David Lynch would return to filmmaking...

Watch the video here if it doesn't appear on the post.

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  1. Com ja et vaig dir a mi la Lana no m'agrada :( només la de Blue Jeans, i els remixos sí que m'agraden :) jaja Però l'idea de l'anunci mola molt. H&M sempre fan bones coses, el que van fer amb Matthew Williamson em va encantar, i el de Vincent Gallo i Eva Herzigova per Comme des Garçons també.