Tarantino western

The trailer for 'Django Unchained', Quentin Tarantino's newest movie is out and it looks... ok? i don't think noone can expect for sure if his movies are going to be a total nosense or brilliant stuff, at first the idea of 'Kill Bill' sounded so awful but look at what a double masterpiece he made. But that's not always the case, and i'm talking about 'Inglorious Basterds', you can say all you want but that movie is not as good as his other ones (and yes, i'm counting 'Jackie Brown' among them).

Anyway, this new spaguetti western includes an interesting cast with Quentin's latest muse, Christoph Waltz, along his obligatory "muse" Samuel L. Jackson, Leonardo DiCaprio being his arrogant self (but surely brilliant), Don Johnson, Joan Hill, Zoe Bell (yesss) and Jamie Foxx who i guess we'll see the best of him being under such a great actor's director hands. Spaniards will have to suck it and wait until January next year but here's the trailer:

Also, can this happen already? i know it's a fake poster but the idea of this project has been discussed by the director for a while and the Bride still has unfinished business...

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  1. Increible però encara no havia vist el trailer! La veritat és que no sé no té mala pinta... una película weird l'història però qui sap jaja Els actors m'agraden i pot estar bé. A mí Inglorious no em va agradar molt que diguem... té coses xules però altres que no :S Això que semblava que tenint a Léa Seydoux (el seu paper és súper petit), Melanie Laurent, Daniel Brühl i el Fassbender que són actors que m'encanten podia haver sigut molt bona. Això sí el Fassbender és va fer més famoset per ella així que alguna cosa bona va tindre :P

    I el Quentin sempre ha dit que vol fer la tercera part de the bride... veurem a vore, jo aniria a veure-la segur ^^