How to ruin a show and alienate viewers

So, the first trailer of 'Gossip Girl's show final season is out, with some new footage at the very end of the video... Am i excited? Thank you but no. The last season's finale was so messed up when it comes to Blair, Dan and Chuck that many viewers (and i say many of those very few that are still watching), felt mocked. Because they went back the same old bs they already did thousand times before (Chuck and Blair) instead of going along with a new turn on the show that gave life and something new and cute to it (Dair: Dan and Blair). I'm aware that i sound like a highschool girl or something, but tv shows are my obsession and when i like one a lot, i don't like it to see it ruined.

Anyway, i already expressed my frustration here and since i don't see how this show can end in a good way, one that i like and doesn't suck hard, i'm gonna only say that the show premieres on October 8 and it will only have 11 episodes, there's the vid for you to decide but never forget how funny and cute they were:

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