Girls dancing on their own

Another 'Girls' post, just because. As i said before, this show is a grower, each episode is better than the previous one (though it's difficult to top ep. 7) but it took me 3 episodes to know i was gonna love this, and partly it was because of this scene. So Hannah had just discovered that her ex-boyfriend is gay? fuck that and dance to some music with Marnie. This is one of those scenes where a song is another character and this one is perfect, just like when you're at home and a song completely changes your mood, it won't make any sense to those who haven't seen it, i don't think it will make sense for many of those who have watched it but i liked this scene and that is all:

sources: talkischeap & youtube


  1. No podría estar más de acuerdo contigo. Esta escena es brutal!!

  2. M'ENCANTA aquesta escena! Una de les millors de la temporada! i la cançó és brutal, no saps com em va fer somriure escoltar-la en aquest episodi.

    Petonets dear! xx