Skins (2007-2012)

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It's been a while since i last updated but i'm back and had time to catch up with aaall the tv shows i'm watching, and i finally watched the 'Skins' season finale and the ending of the show after 5 years and three different casts.

The show started really good at first, with a genuine cast of teenage actors which served to many of them to make it into decent movies or projects (Nicholas Hoult in 'A Single Man' or 'X-Men: Origins', Dev Patel in 'Slumdog Millionaire', Kaya Scoledario in 'Wuthering Heights', Joe Dempsie in 'Game of Thrones' just like Hanna Murray who was also in 'Womb'). Those mainly belong to generation 1 (seasons 1 & 2) so it had a lot of quality in that part.

The show had a perfect formula, it centered the cast for two seasons and then got a brand new one for the following two seasons - with the exception of Kaya Scoledario who played Effie on season 1 and 2, and got back with her new posie for seasons 3 and 4. But it was a refreshment for the show and the viewer even though the last generation for seasons 5 and 6 was not as good as the two previous ones. Also, the show was incredibly good at the beginning, it made a really good portrayal of teenagers nowadays but when they made them evolutionate as young adults (which always happened in the second season that the generation had), the show stopped to be believable or relatable, it was just a big mess.

Still, even though it was time to end it, it's a really good show and i would especially recommend the first two seasons, with the first original cast, and the third and fourth seasons are not bad at all, but not as good. Seasons 5 and 6? Only if you really love it.

So here are some of the show's best moments and some of its past greatness:

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