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Yesterday we got the news that Scarlett Johansson was going to direct her first film, a screen adaptation of Truman Capote's lost novel 'Summer Crossing', published after his death. I've always followed this girl's career and ended up adoring anything she does in movies, singing, designing, anything. So what about Scarlett the director? we got a first taste of her potential with the shortfilm 'These Vagabond Shoes' starring Kevin Bacon, originally filmed for 'New York I Love You'. Now her piece didn't make the cut and ended in the DVD extras but it was more to do with the shortfilm not fitting with the rest of the rom-com vibe that the film got ('Paris Je T'Aime' was soo much better). And her shortfilm was so beautiful, aesthetically beautiful, and filmed with a lot of quality, one of those type of works that leaves images speak for themselves (thing that i love). And the ending is poetic, this is happiness:

These Vagabond Shoes from miguel astarlozza on Vimeo

And she's not the only young actress being brave and putting her work out there, Kirsten Dunst also shot her first shortfilm years ago and now this was something quite impressing, she directed 'Welcome', a really scary but cheeky piece starring her 'Little Women' sister Winona Ryder (props to her for having Winona in her first short!) and it's simply brilliant.

As for other young directors, Natalie Portman also did a shortfilm for 'New York I Love You' that was actually included in the movie but it was really unimpressing, and she also filmed 'Eve' with Lauren Bacall and Ben Gazzara but it was long and a bit boring despite the amazing cast, i just didn't like it as much as Kirsten's and Scarlett's shortfilms so if you want to watch it, click here but so far i'm not digging her directing, such a shame.

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