dance of death

Last night i watched 'Melancholia' and i'm still shacking remembering that ending, i don't want to give anything away but it was scary and not in the usual scary way, still is a Lars Von Trier movie and they always leave you feeling like you just want to sleep and forget all the emotions that his films bring to you.

I cannot have an opinion about it yet as i'm still digesting it but i liked it, much more than 'Antichrist' (how i loathe that film...), Kirsten Dunst gives a really mature performance for an actor that started as a child actress (she already gave a mature performance in 'Marie Antoinette' but everyone was distracted by the amount of pink and candy to notice that) and aesthetically is amazing and beautiful, Von Trier does awake again the worst nightmares in you using this time an universal fear but at least he does it with powerful and precious images. Witnesses of a future not so far away.

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  1. M'ha agradat molt el que has escrit... especialment sobre lo de eixe "universal fear" i sobre Kirsten... jo sempre he dit que no havia de demostrar res perquè crec que amb el seu paper a Interview with the Vampire va quedar més que clar que era una gran actriu. Però és veritat que a part de les pelis de Sofia i alguna altra tampoc ha tingut "grans" papers, i crec que el de Marie Antoinette com tu dius va ser molt bó... ho va fer genialment bé i a Melancholia també. També destaque a Charlotte que em pareix una gran actriu, m'encanta sempre.

    un petó!