the big 3-0

The 20s, such a safe place. This is not a "I don't wanna grow up" thing, but 20s mean young, 30s mean you're not anymore, at least to the world. Not like i fear growing old or getting into adulthood (i have my job, i have my flat, i'm already there), but it's the passing of time that bothers me the most, how yesterday i turned 23 and now i'm suddenly 30, i'm on that other side, because there's always that other side, like with virginity or with the period, or the driving license, there's always those who have it or have done it and those who don't.

But well, i guess what matters is how you feel and that you're good about yourself, and i am, so fuck it all and let's celebrate (fave song to get in the party mood these days):

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  1. Hey, baby! I just came back to blogspot and..look what I found! haha I know you aren't pessimistic, and that's why I always love your advices whenever I doubt on something. Thanks for being such a good friend! And you knnow, age doesn't matter as long as you stay the same...cheerful, friendly,kind... just as you are!

    (L) **__AlwaysCinderella__**