somewhere too late

So, 'Somewhere' has finally arrived to cinemas here, nearly one year after i watched it after desperately seeking for a download link online. I don't think it's a movie i would recommend, i don't really have an opinion about it yet, i know i liked it because i adore Sofia Coppola's style and pretty images and small stories but it hasn't touched me as her first two films, 'The Virgin Suicides' and 'Lost in Translation', my absolute favourite. But it's pretty similar to 'Marie Antoinette', her third feature, because of the tone it has and 'cause it leaves images speak for themselves.

So, what about 'Somewhere'? Certainly it has a lot of 'Lost in Translation' on it, a Hollywood actor (in LIT Bill Murray was unemployed while here Stephen Dorff is successful), trapped in the frivolity of the cinema industry while he has to take care of his daughter Cleo, played by Elle Fanning (in LIT Bob's partenaire in crime was Scarlett Johansson). So it's two lost souls wandering together through Hollywood, in a hotel or in a foreign country (Italy in this one, Japan in LIT). Even the ending has a similar ring to it, but still it's beautiful -as well as my fave scene, Johnny and Cleo sitting at the hotel while listening to a singer playing 'Let me be your teddy bear' by Elvis Presley with a guitar as if it was a lullaby, totally sweet. Still, this seems to be Sofia's most personal movie, she hasn't followed any conventional directions as it feels like she's doing whatever she wants, a clear example is the beginning of the movie, a 2 minute scene of a car driving in circles (scene that i adored), going from nowhere to, in the end, somewhere. And we can't forget Benicio del Toro's cameo in the elevator <3

I guess this is a movie to either love or hate but still one of those you have to watch. Any Sofia Coppola time is never a wasted time for me, beautiful scenes with beautiful music, what's there not to love?

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