4 new shows this fall

Fall means new shows coming back, premiering and getting cancelled (luckily none i liked) and this post is a few weeks late since all these premiered last month but finally, here there are four new shows on TV that somehow caught my attention:

'2 Broke Girls': sitcom starring the always cool Kat Dennings and Beth Berhs about this daughter of a billionaire that is now poor and has to work for a living (omg the horror). Dennings plays the street-wise girl who will sort of help the heiress to get back on track and it's a really funny comedy which only bad thing are those pre-recorded laughs it has. I just watched the pilot but will definately watch more and it has been picked up for a full season so yay to that.

'New Girl': starring Zooey Deschanel, is another sitcom that deals about this girl that has been dumped by her longtime boyfriend and now has to share a flat with three other guys. Zooey is the new girl which has a thing for singing which makes her kinda annoying but cute, i usually don't like her acting much (i like her better as a singer) but here she's simply adorable. The only bad thing is that one of the guys on the pilot (Couch) has been recasted and i don't like the new guy as much. It's also been picked up for a full season but it won't come back until November. But definately i will keep watching.

'Pam An': tv show about stewardesses in the 60's, the Golden Age of travel. Starring Christina Ricci, it deals with women's independence and the iconic Pam An airline that once was the most glamourous way to fly. The show's ratings are down and i didn't like it much, maybe if i don't have anything else to watch i will give it a second try but i'm not impressed so far.

'Hart of Dixie': Now here's something i didn't expect to like or to be any good, Rachel Bilson's new show is über adorable! It's about this brand new doctor from New York that is forced to do her residency in Bluebell, Alabama, far from the big city. The plot is kinda lame but the show is full on tender, funny and cute moments that makes it really likeable, just as Rachel Bilson (who i tolerate quite well considering how much hair envy she does give me). The ratings are up and it's been picked up for a full season so YAY for real because it's my favourite from the new shows this fall and i can't wait to see more.

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