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Gossip Girl is back!!!

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Ok, let's not get too excited or too disappointed, GG's first season eps are always far from good but this one was average, maybe because i don't think noone expects the show to be back to season 1's glory but still it has its moments. Certainly, it's a guilty pleasure to watch the awesome fashion, the streets of New York and the silly plots it has so i'll keep watching no matter what.

So, what was good and what was not?

Blair's hair and eyebrows, how wrong was that?
Chuck Bass now attempting to be in 'The Fight Club'.
Nate saying that he's reinventing himself when he's playing the cougar field exactly like he did at the beginning of season 2.
The Prince, zero chemistry between him and Blair.
The whole pregnancy plot.

Dair is back! (Dan's and Blair's storyline, the only thing i care about).
Zoe Bell making a cameo, fuck yeah!
That Serena hasn't unbelievably fucked anyone this Summer (i give her one more ep for that).
Chuck's "say yes to everything" attitude (gotta try that).

Still, get ready to say farewell to the show as this might be its last season, the premiere flopped and the actors have only signed to be in 5 seasons so maybe it's time for it to end... let's hope they don't pull a 'Lost' and reveal who's behind the XOXO.

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