this is not the princess i wanted to become

Modern day princesses are not what they used to be, Dina Goldstein did this really accurate editorial of 'Fallen Princesses' proving that there's no more rescuing prince or happily ever after, not even in royal families today. Farewell to fairytales and welcome to the disappointment.

source: yatzer


  1. This pics are just greeat xD!I have some related to Disney princesses from Annie Leibowitz. Of course they are completely different, but both shoots are cool.
    By the way, I'm glad your leg is cured!It would be perfect if next year you apply for the same academy as me (Fortunas dansa by Maruja Fernández). On February I'll start again there.

    And yeaah, tomorrow Coco will be waiting for us, maybe with a glass of whisky and a cigarrete on her hand.

  2. So interesting, yet so pessimistic. I guess people with unrealistic expectations towards the love of their life and marriage turn out to be disappointed somehow.. The snow white one with the children is the best! hehe