Things that Mattered in 2017

Contrary to last year, this year has been awesome for me, like i just felt good and me and my beloved ones  have been healthy so that's pretty much what's important. So, as i've been doing for the past few years, here's everything that mattered to me in 2017.

Le Mode
Here are some looks and collections that really caught my eye this year.

This year has had many interesting movies out there, and while some have been a bit of a let down like 'The Killing of a Sacred Deer' (expectations were too high and the movie lasts way too long) overall it's been good. While i'm yet to watch 'Call Me By Your Name' and 'Ladybird', here are the movies that i've seen this year that i really loved/liked:

Summer 1993 - This movie is such a precious gem that i'm mad it wasn't up as Best Foreign Movie for the Academy Awards. But well, its freshness, cuteness and cast was something really amazing and gorgeous to see, a really small story but with such deepness that reaches your heart and soul. A must watch movie.

Moonlight - Another precious thing. Not only did this movie win the Best Movie at the Academy Awards but was praised all over by a coming of age movie that made absolutely everybody fall in love with it. The performances, photography, the script, the beautiful love story... Everything was beautiful.

A Ghost Story - This movie didn't disappoint at all. This weird tale of the typical ghost with a sheet being trapped in this world as he has unfinished business was really a nice surprise. Starring Rooney Mara, this is a story about loss, solitude, death and the passing of time. It might all look like a joke but it's really something great this film.

Personal Shopper - This was another really unexpected surprise, mainly because i had no idea what it was about as i didn't watch the trailer (and that's always a good thing). I don't what to reveal much but the movie's subplot really blew my mind and Kristen Stewart is really amazing on it (i like her, she always chooses really fine projects). Discover it by yourself.

The Handmaiden - Park Chan Wook at his best as he returned with one hell of a twisted story that i enjoyed watching a lot. If you love his weird and fascinating stories, this movie won't disappoint you one bit.

The Beguiled - While the trailer really reveals everything from the plot (i really shouldn't watch trailers ever) the movie is really fine and the casting is something superb. Sofia Coppola proves that she can be funny and sassy and very much capable of remaking an old film and giving it a new and more feminine light.

Other movies worth watching: Baby Driver, Mother!, Blade Runner 2049, Ingrid Goes West, The Killing of a Sacred Deer, Perfectos desconocidos.

TV Shows

This year has been amazing when it comes to tv shows and mini series, but hands down, the best one for me and my total favorite was 'Big Little Lies'. That miniseries now turned into a legit tv show was amazing from beginning to end, from the cast with all the amazing ladies, the story, the soundtrack, the directing, everything. But that wasn't the only new series that was fantastic, as Ryan Murphy returned with a new series with 'Feud: Bette and Joan' and it was something divine to witness Lange and Sarandon portraying such iconic actresses. And as we didn't get enough fab acting from women from those two series there came the much awaited season of Jane Camipon's 'Top of the Lake: China Girl' with Elisabeth Mos, Gwendoline Christie and Nicole Kidman that was really awesome as well as 'The Handmaiden's Tale' again with Moss which story really gave me nightmares but oh, what a show.

More new shows ruled by women were 'The OA' starring Brit Marling which was a twisted but nice surprise as well as 'Westworld' which i grow to love, as in the beginning i didn't thought it was going to be that good. And to end the leading ladies in tv shows we got Jessica Biel in 'The Sinner' which proved her decent acting as well as bringing us a story that really left my mouth open.

Other new tv shows that i started this year were the really great 'Skam' as i binge-watched the four seasons in a matter of weeks, '13 Reasons Why' which as a really good and down to the core portrayal of bullying or 'Girlboss' which at first i used to hate-watch to end up diging it only to have it cancelled after its first season. And also there was 'Mindhunter', David Fincher's 'True Detective' done right and with a stellar trio of actors leading it.

As for the continuing shows that i watch we have to start with 'The Return' of 'Twin Peaks', which was nothing that was expected but didn't disappoint one bit. We also said farewell to 'Girls' after six seasons and it was bittersweet but was a glorious season as well as 'Orange is the New Black' which season 5 turned out to be its best season after at least three seasons that were not as good as the first two and it was amazing. 'Game of Thrones's season 7 was really intense and over the edge, and i loved watching it as always though it was really criticized (not by me!). 'Grey's Anatomy' somehow still manages to interest me after 14 seasons while 'Love' was somehow slightly better on its second season but i still hate-watch it for fun.

We also kissed 'Pretty Little Liars' goodbye and the resolution was a bit of a joke but well, wasn't everything on this show? Though i had fun watching it, the reveal of AB was really mediocre. And continuing with the let downs, 'Stranger Things 2' was nothing new from the first Season besides some new characters while 'Broad City' is not as funny as it used to be and i hate that. But the biggest disappointment was 'American Horror Story: Cult' s it was one mess of an uninteresting season, the worst of all seasons AHS had. And Drew Barrymore's 'Santa Clarita Diet' was another mess i couldn't care to comment or continue watching.

And i still have to end some shows that i'm currently watching as 'Dynasty' (guilty plesure!), 'The Girlfriend Experience' (i'm conflicted about this show) or 'Riverdale' (such a disastrous season).


This year i'm only putting three albums here but these are the ones that really stand out among the rest (not that i've heard a ton of albums to be honest). But, hands down, Lorde did put out there the best album of the year with 'Melodrama' while Phoenix have returned to be good with 'Ti Amo' and Beck's 'Colors' is simply full of hit songs. 

So, below, the ten songs that i loved most this 2017, maybe some are older but i discovered them this year:

1. Lorde - Louvre

2. Chromatics - Shadow 

3. Lorde - Supercut

4. Phoenix - Ti Amo

5. LCD Soundsystem- Oh Baby

6. Beck - Fix Me

7. Lissie - Wild West

8. Miley Cyrus - Malibu

9. Kesha - Praying

10. Big Black Delta - Huggin and Kissin

Most popular entries of the year:
1. Selena Gomez's 'Fetish' music video
2. Oona Laurence, the new Sofia girl
3. The Museum of Ice Cream
4. 'Game of Thrones' Season 6 Best Moments and Scenes
5. Nicole Kidman for LOVE Magazine

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